A testament to the pinnacle of architectural aesthetics and the human spirit

Admin on December 27, 2019

Let's face it. When you, as an individual strive to set yourself apart from everyone else and define your identity in a world of unoriginal copies, why does your living space have to be any different? Not everyone can understand your need to stand apart from the rest, but we do. Baashyaam, as a brand, is committed to doing exactly that: making sure that the homes of our distinguished patrons reflect the unique individuals that they are.

Of course, your home is the bedrock of your life. Your dearest and most-treasured loved ones inhabit it. This is the space where your greatest accomplishments are witnessed. This is where relationships are fostered and memories are built. You find inspiration and purpose there every day. Your greatest ideas and goals are hatched there, spurring you further on to aspire for the bigger and better things in life. Your home is nothing but an extension of your own flamboyant character. It has your bold, personal moniker all over it and stands as a tasteful reminder of what you have achieved so far in life and a driving force behind what is left to conquer.

So, we thought the best way to highlight the character of our unique patrons is by offering you the best in design aesthetics. Emperors Pavilion features a rare blend of an uber-modern structure that dovetails the best of new-world amenities against the backdrop of the woods and a river. Located in the swanky residential area of Kotturpuram, Emperors Pavilion lies comfortably cocooned amidst the verdant green on the banks of the Adyar River on one side and access to the picturesque YMCA Woods on the other.

In terms of design, the eight inimitable standalone homes present a range of spatial variations depending on the needs of the patrons. The site provides all-side access to panoramic views, with each home opening out into an outdoor setting, each in its own unique way. Both the bedrooms and the living rooms are opulently oversized to ensure you’ll never have to worry about space problems in your home.

The naturally-lit dining rooms with tall ceilings give you the feeling of being close to your natural habitat, yet at the same time, ensure privacy with its staggered windows that avoid facing adjacent houses, thus ensuring exclusivity.

It’s not just your individual living spaces that have been designed to please your sense of aesthetics. Emperors Pavilion is designed with ample recreational spaces including private backyards with pergola seating, landscaped courts on the terraces with privacy jalis (perforated stone or latticed screens). The property itself is landscaped with private courts and water bodies that lend an air of beauty, magnificence and placidity to the open spaces.

Clinch your piece of this unique, well-crafted, carefully-curated piece of personal paradise right away; get in touch with us to know how we can take this special relationship forward.

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