"We are experiencing something in Baashyaam Constructions which we could not see in industry - Hospitality, Courteousness and Transparency. We are thoroughly impressed with their approach and personalised service. By this, we strongly believe that our dream house would shape up very well. Thanks Baashyaam."
by S. Vidhyha rao & Sudarsan Krishnamurthy, Dbas, India Pvt. Ltd.

"We have been searching for the Perfect Happy home for more than a year. Bashyam's Happy Windows fits perfectly in to our frame of Perfect happy home. Right pricing, Right Quality and Right location. Happy Windows makes us a happy family altogether." !!!
by Promodh Sridhar, IBM Global Delivery

"Owning a house and living a quality life has always been our dream. Before zeroing in on "HAPPY WINDOWS" we visited few of Baashyaam construction's completed / ongoing projects. The quality of construction, amenities and architecture is excellent. Baashyaam constructions have been trustworthy, flexible and very responsive to our needs and we are happy to have chosen them."
by Sumith Karun

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