5 texture hacks to design the living room of your choice!

Admin on October 25, 2020

Texture designs are vivid choices in interior design. Adding texture to a living room includes diverse options than a usual rough wooden texture. It is ideally the blended art to project your creative thoughts right into your living room. For instance, lighting is a source of texture owing to its ability to glow and transform the entire living room ambiance into soothing softness.

Some abstract textures come in handy in kids’ room while other precisely designed textures can satiate people of all ages in living rooms. Be it in color, shapes, or materials, the right textures can bring a positive impact to your living room. Isn’t it intriguing to put your hands on trying out some vivid textures in your living room? Well then, below mentioned are the 5 texture hacks to design the living room of your choice

  1. Different Layers - Textures

Interior design with layers is key to creating a pattern that’s rich and depth in nature. Always try to blend different texture sources to not rely on just furniture finishes or fabric.

Textures can illuminate materials in the best possible way, so the impact may be the following: matte finish versus glowing materials on a bookcase, a clean granite hearth with a rug in front view, or aside a customized glass lamp base - book spines that are stacked on a table or artworks and wall treatments with abilities to make the living room wall look multi-dimensional.

Each part of the wall can be of layers; the result is captivative and immersive.

  1. Fabrics of contrast

Unique textures are not just pleasant to look, but also when you try contrasting them, they can balance the interiors of the living room.

In case of your color palette comprised of similar kind of shades, you can easily maintain the consistency by transforming the textures of other fabrics in the living room. Even if the furniture in the room has vivid hues, contrasting fabrics can prove that pattern and color are not the apt routes to see a considerable amount of difference.

Besides, also look into the apparent fabric areas such as armchairs, lampshades, and sofas to end up in better contrasting equations. As seasons change, you can evolve with textural contrasts. For instance, a velvet sofa might get transformed into linen in summer and faux fur in winter.

  1. Induce textured furniture

A Furniture texture is worthy of scouting when you are likely to have contact with it. Assume rubbing your hand on a smooth marble table, a rustic dining table (oak), the drawer of a green-lined chest, or an opulent sofa (velvet). So, textures don’t need to be prominent every time. It’s more alluring when your eyes move around these subtle differences in the living room.

  1. Play with accessories - textured

Ornaments, vases, mirrors and sculptures are some fascinating accessories ripe for trying out a variety of textures in your living room. You could either create an array of objects with different textures or subtly try out a single stunning accessory to make a stellar statement.

Try not to add too competing or complicating finishes into the living room, because the lack of link could mislead to wrong directions. The primary goal has to be filling the living space with unique textures (from options that are correlative to each other) to create visual wonders.

  1. Lighting effects

Lighting is a feature in the living room that could bring a dual texture view effortlessly. Even the feel and look of a lamp plays a vital role in creating textures. High glossy floor lamps add a unique texture effect to a bronze wall sconce, as an example. But it’s the light’s natural ray enabling textures to take on an appealing character.

Guess what? Warm lights produce a softer-cum-ambient glow than cool lights. Eventually, the cool white lights which expel brighter and contemporary beam transform a living room’s ambiance harsher.

The position of this light source also varies the texture effect – a dark corner can glow as a beckoning reading spot with a lighting texture. Lightning textures are just mixed styles of the source. Opting the perfect temperature of bulbs, and spanning the light beams across the room can help you wave upon an illuminated texture.

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