By Admin, 17 September 2022

We have all experienced the intriguing question of what was in the architect’s mind when designing some staircase designs. This article will help you to understand the different aesthetic and functional uses of each design, which will assist in choosing the best type of staircase that your space deserves

Bringing in that Natural Balance

By Admin, 9 September 2022

What are the ways in which we can leverage natural elements to create an air of positivity within our living spaces? Here, we have taken the best of two ancient world wisdoms and adapted them to our living spaces as they are today.

TDS Water Level standards for drinking water at home

By Admin, 24 August 2022

What is TDS when it comes to testing the purity of your drinking water? How do you regulate the TDS levels at home? We explain how...

The Definitive Guide To Dining Tables

By Admin, 3 August 2022

In many cases, a dining table is at the heart of the home. It’s a place where friends and family can come together, sit down and enjoy some tasty food. We’ve put together this Dining Table Buying Guide to help answer all of your dining table needs. From knowing your table measurements to choosing the right finish to coordinate with your space, we’ve got it covered.

Keep that Humidity in Check!

By Admin, 16 July 2022

Keeping humidity levels inside your home manageable will improve your comfort, but it will also improve the air quality and reliability of your home

Banishing Kitchen Odors, the extensive guide.

By Admin, 5 July 2022

Whether it is garlic or onions, fish or meat - the things we love to eat can make our homes smell like them too! Luckily, we have a few solutions for you to get rid of those persistent odors…

Displaying Memories with an edge of Digital Chic

By Admin, 28 June 2022

Considering the large variety of digital photo frames available on the market, the question arises: how to pick the right one? Here's our one-stop guide to picking out one best suited for your home.

Baby-Proofing Your Abode, The Ultimate Guide

By Admin, 15 June 2022

For expectant parents, it can be overwhelming to look around the home to see what changes should be made to keep the baby safe. Add in an online search for the best baby-proofing products, and parents can quickly get lost in the endless lists of must-have items.

Your Home Library, Your Personal Haven

By Admin, 18 May 2022

If you are utterly clueless about what kind of wardrobe you should buy, then we will guide you through this article about different types of closets for your beautiful home.