All about Infinity Pools

By Admin on 31 January 2022

The 21st century indeed is marked by the ever-evolving standards of luxury and a brand new category making its entry within this untapped universe is the ‘Infinity Pools’. Marked by their impeccable design and the perfectly spectacular views, infinity pools are just about everything that dreams are made of.

So, whilst we continue to ponder upon and count the infinite artistic specs of this architectural marvel, below is your complete guide to what makes infinity pools so special.

What are Infinity Pools?

With its origin in the early 1700s and from the premises of the Palace of Versailles, Infinity Pools have continued to remain in the interest all through these centuries and are only taking modern architecture a notch ahead.

Known for their vanishing edges and the ever-so picturesque views, Infinity Pools are just about the perfect blend of art and architecture. With rimless ends, these pools are designed to deliver an illusion that creates a make-believe infinity-like space, creating a seamless transition of the pool into the sky or a waterbody.

The Infinity Secret

The secret to the infinity presented by these pools lies within the multi-layering of the pool’s structure. Divided in between a central water body and a basin, it is the basin that is structured on a lower compartment in comparison to the central level.

Whilst the central waterbody continues to carry the same structure as any other swimming pool, it is an extra inch of water above the central rim that flows into the lower situated basin; which eventually creates the illusion of infinity and a rimless flowing pool.

Are they safe?

Infinity pools have been around for a while now and they are as safe as any other swimming pool in comparison. With its infinity effect only employed as an illusion, the rims beneath the water and the basin structure are designed and approved by well-reputed architects around the world to add that extra stamp of security.

However, if you’re someone looking for additional features, you can always contact a well-reputed contractor to add up extra layers of security for swimmers who are only beginning to learn swimming or for individuals with mobility concerns, etc.

Why choose Infinity Pools?

As beautiful as they are, a rather lesser-known fact about these stunning structures is that they are far more sustainable than any other regular swimming pool. These pools are designed in a manner through which the central structure relieves water into the basin situated underneath and the basin, in turn, recycles and transitions the water back into the central layer; thus, creating a cyclical and recyclable water routine.

Lastly, the aesthetic value of these pretty pools goes without a saying. Presenting the most picturesque views and the absolute candy crush horizons, these infinity pools are almost magical to experience first-hand.

What is an appropriate setting for an Infinity Pool?

There can be no right or wrong answer to the question. With pools that are built to deliver an experience of infinity, these magnificent structures are complete packages within their terms and can transform any specific location into a magical experience.

However, more popularized by the rising ‘Instagram-famous’ and the new-age ‘pop-culture’ references; these pools undoubtedly work their best when in collaboration with the magnificent oceanic horizons and the ever peaceful city skylines.

Popular Infinity Pools around the world?

One&Only, Maldives, made popular by Instagram and the innumerous amount of influencers, this infinity pool almost has an identity of its own and indeed, for all the right reasons. Stretching out into the serene ocean and attached to an ever comforting Jacuzzi on one end; the One&Only infinity pool delivers to its promise and stands out as an absolute One&Only experience.

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