Belgian Style Decors for your Dream Apartment

Admin on 23 February 2021

For welcoming tone and uncluttered interiors, Belgian style is a stupendous choice for revamping your apartment in a short span. Belgian interiors tend to contain lesser wood furniture, yet the spaces still look elegant and rich. The materials used in Belgian style interior decor are paramount, with sole emphasis on employing natural materials - the focus is predominantly on unstained ceilings and walls leaving behind the visitors astonished. 

Belgian style rooms induce elegance while retaining the comfort zone that pleases any guests to stay there for a while. The transforming ability can let you change the living rooms’ space entirely or add a few vivid elements that guests covet.

Methods to create a Belgian Style room in your apartment.

Belgian style decorating includes creating elegance with rustic & modern elements.


Often keep the colour palette neutral and soft for Belgian Style Decors. Soft browns, taupes, chalky and the family of greys are perfect for bringing the Belgian mode right on. Though you can’t foster bright and bold hues, creating in-depth and exciting texture is possible with Belgian decors. The primary aspect of any Belgian style interior decors is to provide you with soothing effect for your eyes, and not employ vivid hues that set the tone for occasions.


Linen weathered woods and sisal are some of the natural fibres which add a unique dimension to your Belgian style interiors in living and bedrooms. When combining these fibres with multicolour burnishing metals, you can create individual artworks to hang on your apartment’s living room instantly.


When it comes to revamping your apartment interior furniture to give a classic Belgian attire, look out for antique chairs, benches, and armoires in raw woods with visible strong lines/layers. With this furniture, you can mix up your room with modern items - that is usually a combination of wood and metal hanging pieces on your living room walls. Rejuvenating in this ambience with a comfy pillow is a fantastic experience for people of all ages in your apartment.


Employ naturally available and artisan materials wherever possible in your apartment. Wooden bowls, faux moss, wicker baskets, and piles of logs by the fireplace are some of Belgian Style’s adorable decorative materials. When it comes to employing artwork in Belgian decors, keep it minute and straightforward. Always resist filing the empty spaces and avoid over cluttering with colourful accessories. Belgian decors are elegant and precise, so a handful of aptly chosen accessories will fetch you better results than overloading multiple items.

Seasonal Belgian Style

Belgian style interior decor is often known to be relaxed and lovely in the summer but trying out a few transitions can make this decor cosier and appropriate for winter as well. Adding some warm neutral pillows along with the precisely designed furniture in your bedroom can make you enjoy the cold breeze that hits through the windows. Besides, textured cable-knits and delicate cashmere pieces are the apt fabric accessories to choose from during winter for Belgian Decor. To add more glow, have some grey candles on the table surfaces.

Belgian Style? say Patina!

Patina is a sensible word to define Belgian style decors. It is the glossy look of metal oxidation and the dynamic sheen on wood pieces from months of polishing. You can easily buy some antique artisan artworks made of wood (ten years old) and polish them to recreate your apartment room into a classic Belgian abode seamlessly.

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