Creating Cozy, a Homemaker’s Guide

By Admin on 19 May 2023

Nothing says, “Welcome!” quite like a nice, comfortable home. We believe that the following tips we will share with you in this article can help create a little more peace, make it more cozy and welcoming, and a lot less stressful in your own home.

Home isn’t a place; it’s a feeling. Have you ever heard of this phrase? A busy day at work is part and parcel of life for most of us. And as we unwind, we all want to go back to a calm and peaceful place called “home”.

Start With Your Entrance

Your entrance is the first thing that welcomes you at the end of a long day, and even your guests, so make sure you spend extra time decorating your entrance. Add some lighting, art, or an outdoor decoration piece that will draw your guests to your home. A “Welcome” sign or doormat is always a nice accent piece that gives your guest a warm invitation.

Add Throw Blankets

Find some nice, quality throw blankets that coordinate with your living area and bedroom. A nice throw blanket on the living room couch encourages guests to make themselves right at home. Keeping a throw on your bed can give it a nice decorative touch. You can even pick out your most stylish throws and find a nice woven basket or blanket ladder to put them on display that invites your guests to grab a blanket and stay a while!

Declutter Your Home

Studies have shown that clutter can cause distraction, lack of focus, and a rise in stress levels. Get rid of the things that you don’t need. Rule of thumb – if you haven’t used an item for more than two years, then you probably won’t need it anymore. Reducing clutter may help reduce anxiety and create a calmer, more peaceful environment in your home.

Organize Your Items

When you already have a certain spot or corner for each item, it is easier to tidy up and for other family members to help put it back after use. This applies to toys that your kids have finished playing with, pots and pans when you’ve finished cooking, and coats, shoes, and bags when you come in through the front door.

Choose Relaxing Colours and Textures

Bright, bold colors and big patterns tend to busy the eye and the brain. Look for calm and neutral tones and try texture instead of pattern when you want to add variation and contrast to the look and feel of your home.

Create Designated Spaces in Your Home

Everyone needs to have a special spot for each activity. This way, you can set a room according to its purpose, and have the necessary equipment, storage, and space if needed. For instance, if you have a home office, everyone knows it’s a big no-no for children to play in that room.

Freshen Up Your Home with Scents

Home fragrances work wonders to stimulate calm and relaxation by activating the smell receptors in the nose. There are many types of scented candles and essential oils available in the market. A relaxing, soothing smell inside a home can really change one’s mood and behavior.

Avoid Clutter Accumulation

Put clean laundry away as soon as it’s ready. Keep your drawers tidy with dividers and little boxes. Keep a shopping list on the front of your fridge and make a note when you’re running low on something. Label all your spare keys so you know what each key unlocks. Being organized saves our time and lowers our stress levels.

Make Room For Fresh Flowers Or Plants

Fresh flowers or plants make a great addition to the kitchen and/or bathroom! Visit your local grocery store or farmers market and pick out flowers that coordinate with the room you want them in along with a nice vase to put them in. Don’t have a green thumb? Succulents make that perfect green pop without needing that green thumb!

Use The Right Lighting

The right lighting can work wonders. If you’re having a cocktail party, you’ll want to give your room plenty of light. This invites your guests inside and highlights your home’s interior features. When you are having a small get-together with close friends, dimmed lighting can create a cozy atmosphere.

Create An Outdoor Hangout Spot

Take your living space outdoors! Comfortable chairs and a fire pit are a great addition to your outdoor space for fair weather seasons.

Let There Be Candlelight

Having plenty of candles around your home gives it a sense of warmth. Put a couple of candles in each room and people will feel a sense of comfort no matter where they are in your home. Plus, your home will smell great, too!

Hang Unique Mirrors

Placing a cool mirror above a dresser or table can give a room personality and reflect your style. Mirrors also give the illusion that a room is much larger than it really might be due to reflecting light.

Incorporate A Large Area Rug

If your living area has hardwood floors, a large area rug will instantly warm up the space. People sometimes like to make the area rug a focal point and choose their accessories, pillows, and paint color based on the color and/or pattern of the rug.

Create Themed Photo Collages

Displaying pictures is a great way to let people know who or what is most important to you and also adds a personal touch to your home. Make a framed collage to add to an empty wall by choosing a bunch of pictures that have a common theme, like a family vacation or special event. You can buy collage frames pre-made or group individual frames together for added style.

If any of the suggestions on this list is not feasible for your current home situation, be it with the availability of space or having young children at home, no worries! Take and use what you can. Even if you can implement a few of the points, hopefully, you’ll be on your way to a calmer home and family life!

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