Dishwasher in the Indian Home

By Admin on 10 January 2024

Owning a dishwasher can bring with it many benefits for you and your family. Whether you’re an avid cook and don’t fancy washing up after preparing meals or run a busy family and could do with a hand around the house, a dishwasher is the perfect time saving solution.

Although the dishwasher is a western concept, it is quite suitable for Indian kitchens if you consider certain aspects. The cost can be a bit high but it recovers the cost many times over. Also, the water consumption is low when compared with manually washing. Hygiene-wise and effectiveness-wise, the dishwasher rates high too.

There was a time when the dishwasher was a foreign concept to India, but not anymore. More and more companies are targeting Indian homes. With a population of more than a billion, India is an emerging market for them. Indians are quite adept at adapting technology and as the per capita income of Indians is increasing, so is their purchasing power. But we as people are a bit reluctant to blindly follow western trends. With the maid culture going strong, why would one invest in a dishwasher? That is the question Indians might ask.

Here is a brief analysis of why dishwashers are good for Indian kitchens.

Cost – A dishwasher can cost you as much as a washing machine. But if you consider the cost-to-benefit ratio, you will find that you recover the cost many times over. A dishwasher of a decent brand will last you at least about 10 years.

Effectiveness – The dishwasher, being a machine will clean the dishes better than when done manually. With its various settings, you can even remove tough stains from the dishes.

Hygiene – The dishwasher uses warm water to wash the dishes. That means it kills the germs while cleaning the utensils. Its 99% efficiency assures that the dishes are cleaned properly.

Environment – The water consumption of the dishwasher is almost one-tenth of what is used when doing the dishes by hand. This plays a major role in saving water and conserving the environment.

Customized options – For those who are worried about the pots and pans that have tough stains, top brands now offer dishwashers that are specially customized to clean them.

Dishwashers add efficiency to the modern kitchen design.

Before recently, the dishwasher rarely appeared on an Indian kitchen’s appliances list. But over the past decade, dishwashers have gained popularity with the implementation of modern interior design. Since most urban homes now have a proper water supply, it is viable to get a dishwasher. Clearly, in comparison with hand washing to dishwashers, hand washing is slightly cheaper. But the amount of time and effort a dishwasher saves is of an intrinsic value. Meanwhile, you can get the other work done in your kitchen or complete other home chores.

Before anything else, the first point to understand regarding dishwashers is the convenience they bring into your kitchen. Apart from placing the dishes inside the appliance, there’s nothing much you have to do. So, if you wonder, “is a dishwasher useful for an Indian kitchen”? Yes, it is both efficient and helpful. They aren’t even that expensive either. A small dishwasher for an Indian kitchen is available at the price of a washing machine.

Another wonderful thing is that all dishwashers heat the water used for the cleaning cycle. While you can scrub your utensils sparkling clean with your hands, only heat can attack bacteria better, which truly sanitizes your dishes and utensils. Also, apart from saving time and truly sanitizing your plates, a dishwasher will leave you more space on the kitchen counter. Neither do you need to keep the used dishes and utensils on the counter before washing, nor do you have to keep them out for drying. A dishwasher will also use less water than you use during hand washing.

Using a dishwasher is actually more economical than hand washing. Experts have found that hand washing typically uses about 70-75 Litres of water for a medium load of dish washing, whereas a dishwasher only uses about 10 to 15 Litres — for the whole cycle. Modern automatic dish washing machines also allow you to reduce your energy consumption, especially those with good energy efficiency ratings.

Dishwashers are a great addition to any Indian kitchen. They have the ability to clean dishes at a high temperature, which is important for removing tough stains and bacteria. This is particularly useful in Indian kitchens where certain dishes may contain a lot of oil and spices. Additionally, dishwashers come with a variety of wash cycles and options, allowing users to customize the cleaning process to suit their specific needs. They are also versatile and can be used to clean a wide range of kitchen items, making them an all-in-one cleaning solution for any Indian kitchen.

With the increasing demand for modern appliances, dishwashers are becoming more popular in Indian kitchens, and for good reason – they are efficient, convenient, and make cleaning up after a meal a breeze. Overall, dishwashers are an ideal solution for any Indian kitchen looking to save time and energy while maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

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