Dressing Up the Dressing Space

By Admin on 19 December 2023

Our dressing room ideas will make luxurious additions to any home. If you are keen to get ready for the day (or night) in style, consider these points…

If you believe that getting dressed isn't just a daily necessity, but a ritual, you're likely always on the lookout for the next, best dressing room ideas. Creating a separate dressing room is a smart move and doesn’t always require as much space as you think. Your dressing spaces and walk-in closet ideas can start small, as clever cabinetry – whether commissioned or bought off the peg,– will maximise storage space for a smart and streamlined look. It's also the best way to take care of your clothes and accessories – from designer shoes to races day millinery.

How to design a dressing room? First, designate a room. Spare bedrooms are usually the smallest rooms in a home. They can often end up as a bit of a dumping ground for extra storage or junk. Or if you do use it as a guest bedroom, it can often sit empty for ages while you struggle for space elsewhere. So, why not make the most of your space and finally transform it into your dream dressing room?

Here’s where to start…

You’ll want to think about how much hanging space you need, as well as drawers. And then do you want your clothes hidden away behind doors or out on display? The more minimalist would probably choose doors, but it’s worth considering if you’d like any display space at all. Imagine a couple open nooks with glass doors to highlight a few favourite handbags or extra-special shoes.

Lastly, do you want the room to purely work as a wardrobe? Or would you like to incorporate a dressing table area, where you can do your make-up in the morning? In this case, you’ll need to make sure you have some adequate lighting too.

Dressing Room Ideas

Whether you have a walk-in wardrobe or capsule bedroom storage, these ideas will make a dressing space effortlessly calm and organized.

1. Create Your Own Catwalk

Long, narrow rooms make a perfect dressing space as they come with the ideal layout for a catwalk. Place a mirror at the end wall, but also remember to add them to the sides so you can check out your outfit at every angle.

As a narrow room can feel tight, it's a good idea to use the same colour furniture and walls to cheat a wider look. Going made to measure will help eke out every ounce of storage space.

2. Utilize Space In Hallways

Think outside of the box when carving out space for a dressing room. Hallways, for example, are a perfect location for generous storage.

Go for floor-to-ceiling cabinetry – as this is a transient area, decorative elements are perhaps not as vital as in other areas of the home, but choosing a beautiful splash of colour and considered hardware can turn simple wardrobes into something you may find yourself lingering at. The colour guides you in, and visually links by being referenced beyond, here with the divan and pillow trims, but a pretty throw or curtain trims would work equally as well.

3. Style Your Shelving

Open shelving and doorless wardrobes are a great direction to take if you’re concerned about having wall-to-wall cabinetry. This is especially beneficial in more narrow spaces, as it will help the room to feel lighter and airier.

4. Add A Library Ladder

Library ladders are a beautiful vintage pantry addition or home office idea, so why not move them into a dressing room. Having steps to hand not only adds a stylish focal point to the space, but maximises storage potential as everything will be easily accessible.

For both hardwood and carpeted spaces, choose a hooked-over, solid option rather than a traditional rolling library ladder – they provide the most stability for the former, and rollers struggle to work on thick pile wool. Consider matching the ladder hardware to the other brassware in the room for a co-ordinated finish.

5. Double Up With A Guest Bedroom

Be clever with how you use your square footage by combining your dressing room with a guest bedroom idea. In a space which, for most of us, is unused for a significant portion of the year, you can easily integrate your dream dressing room elements to get the best of both rooms.

Built-in wardrobes all around the room, with the exception of around the bed itself, allow for all the required storage, but make sure to choose a pretty palette for the cabinetry so it stays a stylish bedroom when guests are in residence.

A dressing table is equally as useful for guests to have a space to sit as it is for prepping your hair and make-up.

6. Pack a Punch with Storage

One of the things we love about dressing rooms is that it holds all that we need to get ready – and that requires lots of storage. Ideally, it should include open and closed shelving units, stacking trays, drawers and so on, to neatly arrange essentials. Choose a closet design based on whether you prefer to hang garments or fold and stack them. A combination of both usually works, especially when our wardrobes comprise of both heavy traditional Indian and regular western wear.

7. Bring in Lots of Light

Adequate lighting is imperative when getting ready so you can step out with your best face on. Distribute illumination across the room with spot lights or recessed reflectors (especially the mirrors) and some track lights in the closet. Of course, natural light is always great and instantly brightens the room.

Tip: You can hang a small chandelier to glam things up. The opulent glass chandelier adds a bit of theatre to this elegant dressing room.

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