Elevating Home Owner’s Lifestyle Through Smart Apartment Amenities

Admin on 27 November 2021

Tony Fadell said, “The truth is, homes change over time - and technology has to adapt”. It is so true that the requirements for apartment living have undergone a massive shift. And this is why nowadays homeowners prefer smart apartment amenities over traditional ones. For example, Homeowners would prefer a smart room over a swimming pool any day.

What are Smart Apartment Amenities?

Smart apartment amenities are things that make your living easier, convenient, and fun. They are beyond just smart devices. Smart amenities make home automation possible by automating everyday tasks thereby saving time and money.

Some of the top smart apartment amenities offered to homeowners

Smart Button Touch Panel - Fully replicate mechanical buttons on a touch panel or touch screen.

Switch Control - Automatic auto on-off light switch control sensor.

Door Intrusion Detection - Intrusion sensor system placed on doors, windows, and other access points monitors intruders by detecting their body heat.

Smart Lights - Remote control smart lights with custom automation. This smart amenity not only makes life easier but also saves a lot of money. For example: Automatically turns off when not in use.

Gas Leak Sensor - A gas leak sensor detects the presence of gasses in an area. It is often a part of a safety system. It sounds like an alarm to operators when the leak occurs.

Geyser Controller - The geyser controller amenity sets temperature with a digital display and employs an electronic temperature sensor to measure temperature accurately. The timer helps with the automatic on/off of the geyser. This smart amenity saves a lot of time and money. Also, the controlled temperature reduces the scaling of water thereby increasing heater life and reducing power consumption.

Why Smart Apartment Buildings are the Future of Living?

The concept of comfort, safety, luxury, and convenience at home will never go out of trend and becomes increasingly embedded and effective in homes today. Smart apartment amenities not only benefit an individual but promises to be a new approach to the entire multifamily experience.

The future living spaces will evolve just like how we evolved from the past. Smart apartment buildings will be more efficient and not just a place to stay and store stuff. It will connect us to the rest of the world.

For instance: Internet connectivity will be a utility and not just an amenity.

As smart devices catch the attention of the public, well-smart apartments will also be the future of living, giving us the community we all long for.

Smart apartment amenities will be the number one choice of future homeowners when they can connect dots with characteristics such as connectivity and community services. There is more to prepare for the future and offer a better experience.

Expand and Elevate your Lifestyle with smart apartment amenities

Cloud Graze and The Plutus Residence are the ongoing residential projects by Baashyaam Constructions with all the smart apartment amenities that are welcomed by homeowners.

Let’s take a look at all the smart amenities:


  • Premium home automation system with touch screen in the foyer
  • A 6-button touch panel in the living and dining area
  • A handy 4-button smart panel by the bedside

Additional Features:

  • Main Door intrusion detection
  • Bathroom lighting fitted with motion sensors
  • All bedrooms air-conditioning with provision to be switched on/off
  • Fully automated air-conditioning controller for living/dining area
  • Gas leak sensor
  • Bathroom geyser with on / off control

Smart apartment amenities like these are gaining more spotlight among homeowners recently and have no end in sight. Wait no more and choose a better living experience and make your life more hassle-free.

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