How to Cozy Up Your Home for Winter

Admin on 27 December 2021

As we come closer to the holiday season and as the peak of winter begins to intensify, the prominent characteristics that this season comes with are the bouts of procrastination, laziness, and a never-ending longing for bedtime.

However, given the combination of the holiday season and its shortened days; as we begin to spend an increased amount of time indoors within the comforts of our very home, the season demands a well-put homely setting.

So, if you're someone who is far away from home or only just yet beginning to set up their home; we've got you covered with our handpicked list of the top 8 ways to add a bit of warmth to your winter home.

1. Warmer Colour Palette

Whether we know it or not, colors play an important role in our lives and therefore have to be included as a significant part in any process of organization or re-organization of homes. Now, since winters are marked by extreme harsh and cold temperatures on the outside, it is advisable to add tones and hues which are towards the warmer side of the palette and can add a sense of warmth to your home.

2. Play with lighting

Again, since the season comes in with an absolute lack of daylight, one can compensate the same by reorganizing the lighting set-up of their homes. One can do so by choosing bulbs with warmer temperature tones and adding the number of fixtures within their living spaces. These subtle changes within the organization of lighting can have a significant impact in changing the vibe of your home and turning it into a welcoming delight.

3. Re-organize your furniture

Another quirky yet pro tip is to move everything up a bit closer and add a bit of furniture to the lonely areas. By doing this minimal activity, you are bound to instantaneously add that extra pinch of comfort to your holiday home and of course, quite naturally bring in every member an inch or two closer than usual. By doing this quick activity, you're not only getting your holiday home all prepped up for fall but also adding an extra room for family and friends bonding.

4.Rethink your Sofa Cover

Now that it is fall and winter that we are talking about, one cannot continue with a sofa cover that reflects summer or spring. To save yourself from the seasonal drama, it is advisable to already stock up on at least two sets of sofa covers that reflect the two ends of the seasonal cycle. So whilst you begin to rethink and pick your plan for the new sofa color; it is advisable to go for colors and hues that are softer and warmer and can add on an extra layer of warmth to your winter home.

5.Add a bit of nature

Now, since most of us choose to remain indoors for most of the season, it's only a considerate choice to bring in some part of nature into our homes. By doing this little activity and adding in a bit of wood, flowers, or natural artifacts, you can add that missing element of nature into your home and convert it into a cute and comfy delight that you want it to be.

6.Maximize on pillow

Yes, we understand that maximalism is way out of fashion at the moment but when it comes to pillows, the same might not be true. From playing as quirky and interesting accents to leveling up the degree of comfort; pillows single-handedly can make the vibe for any home.

7. Add some photo memories

Now, this might not have any direct impact on the comfy nature of your home but since the season comes aligned alongside the holiday season, it is a good idea to decorate your home with pieces of photo memories of you, your family, and your friends, to let yourself and the people around you be reminded of the important ones.

8. Fireplace

To add a much-required layer to your holiday home, a fireplace comes in as a no-brainer. Acting as a quick hack, a fireplace is bound to switch any home into its 'winter-ready' mode.

9. Layer up your bedding

Lastly, it is time for the most important part of your home. Since bedrooms and specifically beds are areas where we spend at least 8 hours of our days, these have the power to set the tone of any home. However, as important as they are, they aren't necessarily too complex to set up and a simple playout of layering and quilting can sort your days for the season.

Now that you have a list in hand and an easy checklist to check through, go ahead and transform your home into a comforting delight that you've been longing for through the year.

Happy Holidays!

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