Know your ‘Luxury’ property

Admin on March 9, 2020

Owning a luxury home is not something we aspire for merely as a status symbol. For most of us, if not all, the idea of luxury stems from the natural need to have a safe, secure and comfortable nest. Of course, though status plays an important role in it, it is more about enjoying all the comforts that you could think of in your home. In India, the term ‘luxury’ is often misunderstood. A luxury home or a luxury project must offer its patrons a wide range of amenities and options that are in place along with the very basic amenities. When we say luxury, it’s not merely in terms of style or in terms of opulence. A luxury home must provide comfort, ease of living and an overall feeling of affluence. So, let us first try and define what exactly classifies as a luxury property.


Space and the aesthetics of that very area is a very important part of any luxury home. For a property to be branded as a luxury home, it needs to be at-least a 3Bhk with attached washrooms and balconies in every room. Also, according to this rule, a 1 or 2Bhk residential unit, howsoever big it might be, cannot qualify for the luxury tag. A large hall, a dining room and an expansive kitchen form an integral part of the entire setup. A storeroom and servant's room are recent additions to identifying a luxurious residential unit.


A ‘luxury’ property has to be ideally located within city limits or at least quite close to the main city centre as well as important tourist spots. Also, it should boast excellent connectivity across the city. The physical infrastructure of the area should be characterized by the presence of wide roads without much traffic issues.

Floor-to-ceiling height

It might not sound like much of an important feature, but this factor is really important to determine whether a property falls under the luxury category or not. The floor-to-ceiling height for a luxury residence should be more than 12 feet. Whatever be the other facilities offered, if this specification is not met, then the 'luxury' component of the residence will not be fulfilled.

Smart Home features

A luxury home does not stand out purely for its appealing visual design, but what matters as much is how functional the house is. A Smart Home is one whose functionality is boosted through technology where you would be able to access your air-conditioning system, adjust the temperature and set timers, lock or open the doors, switch your lights on and off around the house, as well as control your home security system. Now, these systems have gone a step further with voice-activated functionality.

High-end kitchen

A spacious kitchen with top-class appliances is one of the most important features of a luxury home, one which any homemaker would look at primarily before deciding to buy a home. Luxury flats with high-end kitchens feature a modular setup, double ovens, washers, and ideally, an island sink. These features are not often found in a regular kitchen.


Luxury homes should have a large and spacious elevator with efficient carrying capacity.

Security systems

Enhanced, state-of-the-art modern security facilities should be installed within the house and around the property along with other security personnel. Increased security is a must-have feature in every luxury property to preserve and protect the residents of the property as well as their privacy. These systems can be monitored and controlled by smart home features these days. 

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