Making Monsoon Maintenance a Breeze!

Admin on 28 July 2021

Much like our own health, our home also deserves attention to prevent cracking, aging, and leakage during the rains. Here are our expert tips to maintain your home during the monsoon season.

The scorching summer heat is almost behind us and the relief of a generous monsoon season is upon us. With heavy rainfall comes the responsibility of staying dry and warm to both preserve your home as well as prevent illnesses. Much like our own health, our home also deserves attention to prevent cracking, aging, and leakage during the rains. In this article, we will be discussing a comprehensive guide of essential monsoon care tips for your home:

Waterproof the Walls:

Ensuring dry and sturdy walls tops the list of safety measures during monsoon. Make sure that you have waterproof paints on the interiors as well as the exterior of your home to safeguard them against dampness and peeling. If in an apartment, check with your builder before the monsoon sets in so you can take the necessary precautions.

Check the Electrical Components:

Exposed sockets and wiring can lead to short-circuiting and pose a hazard for you and your family. Encase open electric sockets, install a voltage regulator and perform all basic maintenance for electrical fixtures before the monsoons arrive.

Seal Gaps and Leakages:

Begin with locating gaps and loose hinges that prevent your doors and windows from shutting properly and plug them in time to avoid water from seeping into your home. Painting metal grills and frames will also ensure they stay dry and let the perspiration run off the surface.

Ensure an Efficient Drainage System:

Accumulated or stagnant water can become a breeding ground for disease-carrying germs and mosquitoes that could make your loved ones very sick. Get all your de-clogging, draining, and plumbing needs taken care of on time.

Add a Dash of Life and Colour to Your Décor:

Drive out the gloominess of your home with a pop of colour. When the monsoons hit, they can get quite gloomy, and can often affect your mood. Colours are a great way to liven up your space.

Potted plants and flowers add a dash of colour and a whiff of freshness indoors. They add to the cheer and positivity of the interiors. Get some fragrant flowers: lilies, jasmine, roses, or any that would add a fresh vibe to your home.

The monsoon season is the best time to grow your own set of greens, be it indoors or outdoors. Dig out your vases, bring in planters and place them into vacant corners and give your home a timeless look.

Prevent Moisture and Mold on the Furniture:

Don’t let moisture dampen any monsoon décor ideas you may have for your home. Clean surfaces of furniture and other household items regularly to keep them dry and prevent dust from interacting with the atmosphere to become musty.

If you have any wooden furniture in the balcony or your open space, make sure that they are well-protected, moved inside, or cleaned regularly. It wouldn’t be ideal to leave wooden furniture in direct exposure to the rain.

Place a shoe rack at the entrance and ask people to leave their footwear on the stand before entering the house. A lot of your time and energy will be saved on cleaning the floors later because footwear carries most of the dirt and mud into your household.

Protect Your Wood Display and Artifacts:

No list of monsoon home maintenance tips is complete without the mention of proper care for wooden objects in a household. Keep your trendy wooden artifacts away from wet clothes and direct exposure to the rain. Add a new coat of varnish if old and use only a dry cloth for wiping surfaces.

Other Tips to Protect both Home and Health
  • Clean yourself properly before entering the house and ensure the same for all the dwellers.
  • Get rid of wet clothes as soon as you enter the house and change into dry cotton clothes.
  • Use good quality disinfectants to clean the house and to keep the house free from unwanted mosquitoes, insects, and flies
  • Allow fresh air to enter the premises of your home. Do not lock the doors and windows when it’s not raining. Keep it open so that the fresh air circulates and wards off foul smells from the house
  • Do not keep the floor wet. Wipe it with an absorbing mop. Wet floors can be hazardous. You or anybody can slip and get hurt. Further, wet floors facilitate the mold, germs, and fungus to grow
  • Clean washrooms regularly with strong disinfectants and use exhaust to ward off foul smells and keep the area dry. Wipe the taps and showers dry because they are the best breeding grounds for mold and germs to develop and pose health risks. Clean with bleaching powder once a week so that the germs and bacteria don’t develop
  • Clean clutter and dispose of all the garbage around. Such places are the best places for mosquitoes and insects to breed.
  • Get the open areas cleaned by bleaching powder and lime. It will clear the dampness of the floor, clean the grass if any, and other such outdoor growth. This will keep the open areas safe and clean to walk on after a bout of rain. Clean these places periodically throughout the rainy season.
  • Clean your kitchen tops, chimney, and tabletops with salt and vinegar after preparing the meal to ward off insects and flies. These are the great carriers of germs and diseases in the rainy season.

For Pet Owners

Take extra care of your pet so that both the pet and the rest of the family are free from any infections. Animals easily catch an infection in the rainy season. Keep them clean. Dry your pet’s paws daily after a stroll. Use good pet soaps and shampoos to keep them free from ticks and fleas. Groom their coat and make sure it’s dry if they have been out in the rain or the wet outdoors after a downpour.

Despite following this regular regimen, you will still find that cleaning the house and maintaining it during the monsoon season can be a little overwhelming. It not only lessens the burden but makes it a joyful task if all family members willingly coordinate and chip in to make the cleaning job a lot easier and leave the home warm, dry, and squeaky clean!

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