Marble: Revisiting a Classic Choice

By Admin on 13 November 2022

Choosing the perfect marble flooring design might be challenging, but knowing your alternatives makes it much easier. Here is an extensive guide to the different types of marble flooring designs that will help you select the ideal one to match your decor style.

Marble is timeless and is one of the most popular options that come to mind when looking for home decor ideas. It is widely used in some of the world’s most iconic monuments, and in offices and homes for that refined look. One of the most important benefits of marble is that it looks stunning while being highly durable at the same time. It’s also extremely versatile and has many applications in every room in the house. From marble walls and marble floors to marble wall cladding, kitchen backsplashes, and accent wall panels, it makes for a chic addition to any space.

The Pros and Cons

There are clear benefits to using marble: it is long-lasting, naturally thermodynamic, and anti-bacterial – making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. White marble has traditionally been a popular color choice for its calming neutral pallet. Other stones from different regions offer a wide array of color choices from red marble, which gets its tone from hematite to green or yellow marble which gets its hue from limonite.

But its downsides, along with its cost, are that it is a porous and soft stone, making it prone to staining and chipping. Buyers should consider a good seal and should clean it regularly with a soft cloth rather than harsh chemicals that might mark it. For the look of marble without some of the drawbacks, quartz or corian may be better suited, particularly in a kitchen.

There can also be ecological concerns: marble typically uses large reserves of water and energy to extract and there can be significant waste; if it is being shipped from abroad, there are environmental and financial costs to consider. Reclaimed marble can be a good, sustainable option, as well as terrazzo, which is typically made from marble offcuts.

Types of Marble Designs
1. Italian Marble Floor Design

Nothing beats Italian Marble Flooring Design to add a dreamy and luxurious touch to your home. This regal material may entirely modify the look of any space. Italian marbles are smooth, lustrous stones with a crystal-like appearance. The clarity and durability of Italian marble are due to its formation.

They can give your property a fantastic, opulent feel. It is primarily used as a decorative feature in the nooks and crannies of people's homes. They avoid using it on kitchen countertops because it is more prone to discoloration. They are sourced in Italy and delivered in India in slabs.

2. Broken Marble Floor Design

In India, this is one of the most popular marble floor designs. If you like zigzag patterns and want to make your outdoor space look warm and inviting, this flooring style is for you. This flooring design is captivating enough to catch your guests' attention while making your outdoor space look incredibly unique.

3. Marble Dana Floor Design

As the name suggests, in this design, the marble tiles are broken down into little pieces (danas) and put in a specific pattern to create a one-of-a-kind design. Besides being durable, these tiles have a sleek look that makes them extremely attractive. They effortlessly exude a luxurious feel and are perfect for areas with high traffic, like hallways.

4. White Marble Flooring

Make a luxurious statement in your home with the timeless and all-time favorite white marble floor. Adding white tiles to the floor space is the finest approach to brightening up an interior space. Also, the light color will make any tiny room look larger and aesthetically appealing.

5. Black Marble Flooring Design

The black marble has a sophisticated appearance with a hint of mystery. Anyone searching for a sleek, modern update that creates a unique area may consider black marble tile. Whether you want to keep your space minimalistic or add splashes of color, black marble will complement any design. Black marble is not only beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but it is also moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, durable in all types of weather, and simple to maintain. Black marble comes in a variety of colors, ranging from pitch-black stone to grey-colored stone.

6. Dungri Marble Flooring

These marble tiles have a pristine milky white texture that makes them an easy choice for anyone wishing to add a dramatic flair to their house. This type of marble is valued for its distinct characteristics, such as heat resistance and elegant appearance.

Dungri Marble is mainly mined from the town of Makrana in Rajasthan, India. It is widely used in creating architectural structures and historical monuments. The Taj Mahal in Agra and the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata are fine examples of these flooring designs.

7. Green Marble Flooring Design

The exquisite beauty and value of green marble make them the perfect enhancement to your home. Besides, they are known for their long-lasting beauty and glossy finish that resists scratching and aging. They are a wonderful choice for bathroom counters, kitchen platforms, and restaurant tables because of their versatility and durability.

8. Marble Floor Flowers Design

Whether you are looking for a retro or vintage style, these marble tiles with floral designs are sure to present a striking appeal. Large flower marble flooring designs are often preferred in hotel lobbies and reception areas but are gaining popularity in home decor. They bring a lovely and distinctive touch to various interior design styles.

9. 3D Marble Floor Designs

If you love optical illusions, then 3D flooring is a fantastic way to add something interesting to your home decor. Imagine walking into a room and being transported to another universe. With stunning pebble 3D illusion flooring, you may turn your bathroom into an ocean, give your kids a jungle portal in their room, and provide serenity to your kitchen.

10. Marble Tukdi Floor Design

The outdoor areas of the home, such as patios, porches, and verandas, are equally important as the indoors. They serve as a nice place to relax or entertain friends. Decorating these spaces with Marble Tukdi marble floor design adds warmth and a rich textured impact to the outdoors and gives them a high-end modern style.

11. Zebra Marble Flooring

A stylish home with a monochrome decor theme styled with Zebra Marble floor tiles is sure to garner lots of compliments from your guests. The symmetrical black and white zebra design can easily elevate the appearance of your hallway while completely blending with the rest of the interiors.

12. Botticino Marble Flooring

These marble tiles have an oyster base color with exquisite light cream and white veining, accented with a minor quantity of thin grey veins and dispersed grey color that offers an attractive texture and depth. These marble tiles are mined in the Brescia province of Italy and are available in two different varieties, Botticino Fiorito and Botticino Classico. They are ideal for floors, walls, bathrooms, and backsplashes in traditional and classic interior design.

13. Terrazzo Chips Marble Flooring

Terrazzo is a type of flooring in which marble chips have been embedded in concrete. The origins of this design may be traced back to Italy when artisans discovered that marble chips embedded in concrete make for highly durable and resilient flooring.

A terrazzo floor can be as colorful as you want, with chips of any size. Depending on the installation procedures, a terrazzo floor might be tiled or poured on site. This allows for smooth flooring without the need for joints or the breaking of tiles.

14. Border Marble Floor Design

This simple marble flooring perfectly complements the colour palette and design of the entire hall. The rounded black borders around the white marble tiles give any home a subtle yet luxurious vibe. Rounded borders provide a unique element to any traditional or modern home decor theme

15. Black And White Marble Floor Designs

Make a statement with this timeless black and white marble flooring design. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind design, this is a great option that doesn't overpower the other furnishings. This vintage style has been popular for centuries and may be found in Victorian and Edwardian homes.

16. Brown Marble Floor Designs

The use of brown marble floors is no longer limited to palaces. Materials like Sequoia Brown marble and Armani Brown Fossil marble are popular today. Brown marble comes in various shades and vein variants, including white, coral, and gold, and may be used to complement any decor trend.

17. Pink Marble Floor Design

You can have a lot of fun with marble flooring at home if you use pink marble since it has a playful and vibrant vibe. Don't limit the usage of pink marble flooring to the bathrooms or children's rooms; take a chance and use it throughout your home. Use Maharani pink marble, Lotus pink marble, or Udaipur pink marble to make your floor look delightful and magical.

18. Blue Marble Flooring

The blue marble is the most royal, classy, and soothing of all the colors and stands out for its elegance. The veins in this marble impart richness and pattern to the flooring. Available in several shades of blue, these marble tiles are ideal for kitchen counters. It also gives the room a sense of calmness and coolness.

19. Yellow Marble Floor Design

As the name implies, these tiles come in a variety of yellow hues, including gold, Jaisalmer yellow, Sahara yellow, and more. This tile looks attractive on your patio or balcony and exudes magnificence when used in the living room or drawing area.

20. Beige Marble Floor Design

This marble stone quickly offers warmth and sophistication, as the color beige does. Due to its beauty, affordability, and simplistic design, it is one of the most often used and never goes out of style. They have a mild scattering-like effect that reflects the light that falls on the sparkling surface, making them incredibly easy on the eyes and aesthetically pleasing.

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