Planning for Your Vehicle Parking

By Admin on 27 November 2023

Like the rest of your home, your car parking requires attention too. Here’s how you can add a creative yet functional twist to your car parking space.

A parking space is one of the basic requirements of a house. Yet, it is one of those parts which we overlook in terms of design. We agree, the garage is not as important as other parts of your house, it’s a part of your home, however, and deserves all the attention and creativity too.

Location Ideas for Car parking in homes

1. Free Standing Garage

The car could be garaged within a space separate from the rest of the house. The garage could be placed anywhere around the house – front yard, side yards or at the rear – whichever is more spacious to allow for it.

To beautify things a bit, go for white paint all over, and then opt for decorating your garage entry with climbers, flowers and, if you please, a pergola. Get a few pots of different types of plants to surround the garage on either side, and even on the middle, in case you have shutters for two cars.

The interiors can be worked upon to serve a multitude of functions – store for your kid’s play gear, your bicycles, gym equipment and so on. As an alternative, you could choose to paint the door of your garage in neutral shades and complement it with creepers and shrubs on either side.

The idea is to camouflage the garage with nature, so that such a structure doesn’t seem to be a misfit with the rest of your outdoor space. And by the way, who says who can’t add an element of quirk to the garage? Go for something unique and spill some creativity on that door, we say! You’d love the consequences.

2. Car ports

There are times when users do not go for garages in their homes, and would prefer their automobiles parked in a semi-open space. The solution lies in carports – which can either be attached or separate. The carport could have a rustic look or be very modern in appearance.

You could opt for a concrete roof over the carport, painted in harmony with that of your house. Or, you could go for a wooden finish to complement the greenery around. With a carport, you might choose going wall-less on two or more sides.

3. Underground Parking

You could even choose to go for an underground parking system for your vehicles, if the plot surrounding your house doesn’t permit one, or simply because you wish to have one! This option provides as much safety to your car as does a garage, and in fact, might have much more room within. Hence, it could be used as a multi-purpose space. It is a befitting choice for you if you are going to get a new house built. With technological advancements there can be several twists and turns to this feature of underground parking.

4. A Car Porch

The entry to your house could have a porch wherein the car can stand, without any doors or shutter. Though not as secure as the garage or the underground parking, the car porch has a show and grandeur of its own. You could choose to go very classical in the architecture of the porch, replete with ornate pillars and a beautiful roof, which acts as an extension of the front facade of your house. Use arches instead of rectangular gateways to add to the magic; and go for pastel shades in a combination with white.

Vastu Tips for Car Garage and Car Parking

The Right Direction

According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal place to have a car parking space in your house is the southwest corner, with West or South facing directions. You must avoid parking in the Northeast direction because the North or East does not welcome any stagnant material to their place. However, make sure the walls of the garage are built of cement.

The Entrance and the Parking Lane

As per car parking Vastu, the best direction for the Parking lane goes from the east towards the south. If your house has some architectural limitations, make sure the parking lane connects completely to your home. Any garage or car shed that lacks connectivity or connects weakly to the rest of the building is taken unlucky.

The Surroundings of the Garage

Your home and garage should have sufficient space in between. According to car parking Vastu, having less space between the parking area and the building is a sign of obstruction in energy flow. There should be space between the wall of your garage and your car and between the car and your house or commercial space.

Right Space for Bigger Car parking

If your car allows more than 5-seating arrangements, you will need a bigger space for car parking. Southwest is the ideal direction to park bigger cars because it ensures the long health of the car. However, if your goal is to protect your asset, park the car in the South-east direction.

The Porch

Is your house exterior too limited for a car shed? Is it impossible to build a garage and park the car inside the house compound? Car garage and car parking Vastu has a solution to that. North and East are the ideal directions. To remedy the problem, you can construct a porch in the North, East, or northeast direction. It will be perfect for constructing strong pillars around the porch area.

The Direction of the Garage Gate

According to car garage and car parking Vastu, the best way to open the garage is towards the north or east. You can construct the garage in the South-East, but the gate must open towards the North. To make the location more favourable, keep the height of the garage gate lower than that of the main entrance gate of the house.

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