Private spaces: Top design trends to personalise your bathroom

Admin on 30 June 2021

Often considered a safe and intimate space for most of us, let us take a look at a few trending designs this year that we can use to convert our bathrooms to best reflect our needs and personalities.

Bathrooms are fast evolving into personal havens for homeowners. A bathroom is a private space and it reflects the personality of the homeowner more than any other nook or corner of the house. Whether you are trying to wake your sleepy and aching tendrils from the night before or relaxing after a long, tiring day, a soothing shower in your most private space can do wonders! In fact, for most of us, the bathroom is a space that provides us with a comfortable and secure sanctum; the kind of space where we rinse off our stress, alleviate our mood, or relax our muscles with a soothing number.

Having a bathroom with traditional charms dovetailed with new-age premium grandeur is the keyword which most interior designers swear by this year. So, how do you create that perfect, present-day, personalised bath space? With these trends, you can create a perfect haven to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Cross-generation Design

An average Indian family uses shared bathrooms, which means that a bathroom needs to be equipped with the right products for all ages. Right from children prone to creating a waterpark out of a simple bath space to the seniors who prefer to have a safe and secure space. An apt bathroom design would be more than just a modern piece of architecture. It should mandatorily include a non-slippery surface, hand railing support, and floor-level showers so that there is more elbow room and space to move around. In addition, the bathroom fittings should be safe to use for all ages. Most importantly, all the functions should be easy to understand and simple to operate so that everyone can effortlessly make the most of it.


Natural surfaces and materials such as pebble floors, wooden washstands, natural stone tiles, and wooden platforms lend an aesthetically pleasing ambience to your bathroom. Currently, wood with concrete, stone, or marble finish is the trending style. Natural materials like wood and stones provide the space an impression of peace and tranquility. It can transform your routine bathing into a spa-like experience.


Minimalism is the rage now! This typically Scandinavian style has become quite popular these days, but even to a minimalistic design, don't forget to add your own style statement: Accessories and minimalistic equipment that don't occupy the entire wall can offer a sense of visual spaciousness, especially in the case of compact bathrooms. Adding lush green plants will purify the air and periodically cleanse and refresh your personal zone. Tiles in earthy shades do more than just play the role of improving aesthetics, but also help in spreading a grounded, peaceful and calming aura.

Japanese Bathhouse

One of the best bathroom designs constantly on every top 10 design list. This traditional Japanese bathhouse style provides homeowners with the ultimate environment for comfort and relaxation. Historically in Japan, these sort of spaces have been the place where the communities gathered. It served as the place to bolster the communal spirit. It ideally has a huge soaking tub with healing properties to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. The tranquil nature of the materials used and the sheer natural essence would create an ambience that is both relaxing and harmonious with nature.

The French Boudoir

This type of bathroom features elegant accessories, especially an imposing basin which forms the center of this design. It essentially needs the placement of a large mirror that adds beauty to this traditionally-grand design. Of course, when we say French, the instant image the word conjures up is one of grandeur and style. With marble-textured walls and faux gold retro tubs, you would be instantly transported back to the grand ol’ days of the French royalty.

The Romantic Space

Another interesting bathroom design that you might like to pick, especially if the bathroom being designed is exclusively for a couple and part of their private space. Taking inspiration from the Victorian era, the charm of the old world combined with modern amenities will set this up as a private world apart from the rest of the house. Make sure you choose soft, warm lighting and wall accents that are unobtrusive. If space allows it, nothing beats having your own hot tub!

The Island Paradise

This kind of bathroom design features a fascinating blend of tropical life as well as boutique accessories, which is perfect for the single man. The bathroom ceilings and walls as well as the showers can have a rainforest façade, a design that echoes a spirit of adventure.

Colourful Palettes

This kaleidoscopic design is perfect for those who appreciate a healthy dose of bright colours. This design features multiple accessories, each a different and sometimes contrasting shade from any other in the bathroom. This design is considered a little too loud for those who would prefer more subtle tones, but nothing makes an instant statement like this one! To add to the colour scheme, you can go with a whole festival or a 60’s themed décor to complete the look.

The Split-Personality

With space being at a premium and the range of uses for a typical Indian household with a bathroom, it is necessary to have ample wet and dry spaces that are clearly defined. So, in a wet and dry bathroom design, feature a massive glass divider and ample lighting. Convert each side of the glass partition into two contrasting facades depending on the wet and dry space.

Sustainable Design

This bathroom design has facilities like water-saving faucets and showers, and power-saving lighting along with naturally sustainable accessories such as wicker baskets, coir floor mats, terracotta stands, and such. Additionally, you can also add to the theme/lifestyle by converting to naturally sustainable personal bathroom items such as bamboo toothbrushes, natural dyes, and other eco-friendly products.

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