Quick Hacks to Bring Serenity for Pets at Your Dream Home

Admin on August 31, 2020

Revamping your home is a creative, expressive and funny process of deeply involving yourself into your private space — but ever wondered about the furry members? When decorating your dream home, there are a few crucial elements that could improve or transform your home much pet-friendly in a hassle freeway. Not just it will improve aesthetics but also enabling your pets to feel more secure. So, here are 5 quick hacks to make/re-design your home pet-friendly in a short span. Binge reading this with your pet!

Go for Durable Floors

Irrespective of its alluring nature, ignore wall-to-wall carpeting and softwood floors. Both the floors can quickly show their impacts of living with the furry member, maybe when scratched up by claws or covered in hair. Go for ceramic tile in some of your high traffic areas, including living room and entryways; and choose either a closed terrazzo (concrete) or hardwood floors elsewhere.

Keep in mind that tall and large dogs can eventually scratch hardwood as well, so you can reserve it for your most private space (bedrooms) incase your puppy tends to leave a mark with its paws.

Ignore timid decorations or attractive plants

Always intent on your pet for accomplishment and never leave your favourite vintage collection of stuffed toys at the snout of your pet, or decorate with felted things. Your furry babies will assume that you have kept toys for them covertly around the rooms, and you can get into a saddened zone when they are chewed.

By the same token, pets don’t acknowledge the plants for nibbling - they can nibble without knowing what plant is that and whether it is safe or not. Hence, have a holistic view at the SPCA’s (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) list of hazardous plants to keep the toxic plants away from your home (for your pet’s welfare). Besides, you must avoid wrestling your tiny decorations out of a pet’s mouth. So keep such items in an enclosed area or a china closet.

Give a pat on your instincts!

Most indoor cats don’t get sufficient exercise and so they experience boredom. But with tiny tweaks to home’s design, the situation can be much improved. While cats instinctively look for higher ground, you can proactively uplift your cat to be brisk by arranging your wood furniture providing access to the rangy pieces.

Never assume climbing is the only instinctual behaviour for the well-being of a cat. Scratching can energize your pet’s claws, but it is a disguise as it can also create a deep inflict on your furniture. So, offer your cats with suitable places at your home to scratch.

A cosy place to nap!

As such you have a dedicated place for a workstation, a sleep station is significant-cum-ideal way to make your pets feel secure in your dream home, and it also helps when you are establishing ground rules before slumber time. From standalone 4 poster posh beds to default nap stations, options are endless to offer your furry pet a nap bed of their own.

In addition, you can also update their bed’s guise by customizing with weather-appropriate pillows. For pampering pooches, you shall have their bed with a relaxed cotton quilt in summer and faux fur in winter. Also, offering your furry friends a designated place to sit idle and sleep can secondarily train them not to hover around the dining table or sit on kids’ couches.

Experience a mud-room

Dog owners should ideally customize an additional mud-room at the entrance of their home to reduce dirt passing throughout the house. A mud-room can be a casual entranceway to store outerwear, wet clothing and footwear prior to entering the main door. Another way is to construct a room at the side of the house and include a shower - it is a suitable place to wash down your pets; especially their paws!

There are some things more gratifying than observing the joy of your pets enjoying the outdoors. But as always satisfaction comes with a price, and rebounding your home without mess can be tedious. So, never skip mud-rooms for your adorable pets.

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