Scintillate your apartment with Eye-catching indoor plants

Admin on September 23, 2020

Every dream home can have indoor plants to fill your private space more liveable and to evoke your mood. Just like how we adore looking at outdoor plants, indoor plants also come in a wide range of sizes and colours to satiate the people of all ages at your home. But before you opt for an indoor plant, you should introspect into indoor plants that best fit your apartments.

 While some plants spread fragrance all over the apartment, the others can look gratifying; but it could bring uneasiness such as nausea and infections over the top of human skin. So, to narrow down your indoor plants' search, here we have jotted down the best indoor plants for your home.

  1. Rex Begonia

The spectacular hues of the rex begonia plant may change your perspective about indoor plants. Pink swirls, when mingled with smoky dark greens (on foliage), can project the plant as a stained glass; leaving you astonished. Rex begonias can adapt to multifaceted things: water, light and fertilizer, making the indoor plant perfect for apartments in urban areas.

  1. Moth Orchid

Tempting orchids pop up everywhere, but what about as an indoor plant in apartments? The crucial difference between orchids and a few other indoor plants is that orchids surprisingly do not grow in soil. Instead, they need a quirky orchid mix that aids them to receive air to the roots.

Moth orchids require a similar temperature as humans feel comfortable; over 16 degrees Celsius. Reducing the thermostat post evening, the plants trigger a blooming effect in your living room. Ideally, a tray filled with water and gravel can retain humidity, and an east or south-facing window will help keep the Moth Orchids perky.

  1. Spider Plant

For a retro vibe and to reminisce the good old days of your childhood, Spider Plant is the apt choice. Having been one of the famous indoor specimens for decades, the positive attributes of this plant are still a go-to factor for apartments. These plants do not consume abundant water, can fill out corner spaces of your home much elegantly and get adapted to many light conditions which include artificial lights. To delve more into vintage effect, hang spider plants from a macrame hanger.

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

A colossal indoor plant, fiddle leaf fig, makes a stand-alone statement in a light-infused room. Of late, this indoor plant is becoming more popular across the globe universally. Having been a favourite pick of interior decorators, this plant enhances the liveliness in your room and create an ecstasy amongst kids in your home.

Water will suffice this plant. So, if you place an aquarium near Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant, you can recycle the water to hydrate your plants every week. You can effortlessly provide your plants with a nutrient boost that is as similar to its natural habitat.

  1. Jade Plant

For the obsession over Succulent plants, the classic jade plant is the perfect gateway to opt from a variety of succulent indoor plants. The plump leaves of Jade Plants grow enormously on woody stems that can then be converted into a bonsai style (if required). Placing a growing Jade Plant in the illuminated part of your home is a mandatory factor. Besides, the plants need to be hydrated only when the soil tends to be dried.

If you are unsure of whether the Jade Plant is healthy or not, introspect the leaves. Grey leaves indicate the need for sunlight, while the shrivelled leaves indicate the plant to be hydrated. Red-tinted leaves indicate that your plant is healthy!

  1. English Ivy

English ivy is one of the most formidable and delightful indoor plants. They can tolerate every indoor temperature, right from high light conditions, to low; even survive on dry and moist soils. The Helix Hedra (a traditional kind) with its toothy leaves is incredibly attractive in an apartment setup. To be more intriguing, you may find many English ivy plants with ruffled or puckered leaves, or dwarf inhabitants to suit your requirements.

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