Stellar Guide to Apartment Gardening

Admin on September 15, 2020

Living in a dream ambience is blissful. You can grow tons of bold blooms, veggies, and even fresh herbs. They can uplift your apartment by connecting you with nature and help contribute to add on aesthetic in your dream apartment.

Being an urbanite with the urge to put your hands-on gardening is a possible-cum- more manageable process in apartment gardening, with the right care and products. 

Apartment ( Indoor ) Garden Care Tips

  1. Fill your pots with the right materials

Regular or outdoor garden soil is very dense and heavy for indoor containers. Your little plants in the pot require right potting mix, which is eventually filled with ample organic stuff.

  1. Illuminate your garden

Get in touch with a plant specialist to consult your plant’s capacity to find how much light it needs and then stake out the right spot in your luxury apartment. Perhaps you shall need to relocate plants as lighting changes for seasons. Considering the optimum weather, southern exposure will provide your plants with enormous light. For instance, if your tiny plants turn yellow and start shedding leaves, then they need more sun time.

  1. Hydrate the pots

While some plants require consistent moisture,the others tend to dry out of late between regular watering. If the plant’s leaves are crispy, you are not probably hydrating it enough. Limp leaves indicate to dial back on the water.

  1. Feed them precisely

As your tiny plants grow, they need umpteen nutrition. That does not indicate to devote a spacious cabinet to a range of hefty fertilisers. Prefer using single and stellar plant food, so that you can easily mixit while hydrating your plants to feed your apartment’s plant-babies instantly.

Why Not Balcony Gardens?

Your balcony is almost the storage space for your awkwardly sized things. But what if you can convert it to be a well respirable space amid a bustling city with mood evoking greenery and a few delicious vegetables? Before setting up balcony gardening, you shall need to introspect your balcony on how much weight it can withstand for pots. Some big planters with damp soil could be too heavy. So, spare some time on thinking about the weather aspect as well.

Is your balcony shady? Or Scorching in the summer? Or it will be a wind tunnel on a blustery day? Consider all these factors before deciding on what type of plants to grow in your balcony.

Pots – To Withstand your Balcony Garden

A usual ceramic pot is heavier than other pots. Despite having a rigid balcony, experts recommend going with light pots and weather-resistant to leave them untouched regardless of seasons.

Skipping terra cotta planters are ideal. Not just they are heavier than other resin pots, but also you need to water them often. Adding trays underneath your tiny pots will help you save considerable amount of water which can then be used again for hydrating your plants. It does not mean you must stick with traditional pots. You can look up to a few containers specially designed to travel over railings, going vertical and hang baskets of your choice.

Tiny Plants That Best Fit Balcony Gardens

As soon as having an intense sense of your pots and balcony’s nature, you will be able to pick plants of your choice that will thrive in the balcony. Some of the points to be considered are mentioned below:

  • Succulent plants are one of the better options in the balcony as it can tolerate wind and retain moisture.
  • Plants with a coastal vibe, to be precise, designed to withstand amid elevated temperatures and winds—sea kale, think sea holly, and cordyline.
  • Plant some herbs - selected based on the lightings in the balcony.
  • Small-sized or Dwarf shrubs and trees can grow well in containers in your balcony, such as a lemon tree,boxwood,hydrangea, and bay laurel.
  • Colourful annuals like hibiscus and canna can improve aesthetics.

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