Store Your Crockery In Style!

By Admin on 27 December 2023

Crockery units and kitchen storage cabinets are currently en vogue. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted crockery unit, fancy china cabinets, or an all-in-one setup, you're bound to find one that vibes with your style and the overall feel of your home.

Most of us have two sets of crockery: an ‘everyday’ version used regularly and a ‘fancy’ version used on special occasions. The ‘special occasion’ crockery is usually fragile and must be stored properly. This calls for a beautiful crockery unit that is functional and also adds to the look of your kitchen or dining area. Our parents did this effortlessly. Many of us would remember crockery units that proudly showed off expensive glassware in our parents’ homes. Those cabinets treated crockery as a piece of decor – and certain items deserve that coveted treatment, wouldn’t you agree?

We can certainly interpret that trend in a modern way and store expensive dinnerware aesthetically. Let’s figure out how to go about it, shall we?

1. Allocate Space

Crockery cabinets can be quite large. So the first step must be to know the area available in the kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen, you might want to shift the crockery unit to the dining or living area. You can also try using a wall-mounted crockery unit if the floor area is inadequate. What you can also do is, move around the existing furniture to chalk out the space you want to allot to the cabinet.

2. Take a long, hard look at your kitchen

Many homes have modular kitchens, and a wall-mounted unit may work best with that. The unit should look coherent with the overall style of your kitchen. Adding a rustic, raw-wood piece to an otherwise super sleek kitchen would look improper. Similarly, if you have a minimalist kitchen, open shelves with stacks of crockery would look messy and out of place. So, it’s important to figure out what would work well with your home and the existing flow of decor.

3. Material

Along the same line of thinking, the crockery unit should be made of materials that match the rest of the kitchen, also factoring in the weather conditions of your area. For example, untreated wood will warp badly in a humid area, and vintage pieces have varnishes that get discoloured in strong sunlight. So, choose materials that can handle some dampness and are termite resistant, for instance. The hardware should also be rust-resistant and strong.

4. Finally, arrive at the kind of unit that’ll work for you

Once you have all the above considerations in mind and have decided on your budget, you can choose from a wide range of styles.


Wall-Mounted Unit

A wall-mounted unit can either be a small unit in the dining area or a more casual, contemporary open-shelved unit in the kitchen. The former is more suited for a traditional display, perhaps of colour-coordinated crockery, and the latter is used for everyday crockery, beautifully arranged on open shelves.

Wall-mounted Closed Crockery Unit.

When it comes to the dining room, the wall-mounted crockery unit design offers flexibility in placement. Thanks to this crockery unit size, it can make your place look bigger while still holding all your collectables, perfect for cosy homes that pack a punch. Your personal style can be catered to with a range of chic and practical design options.

Multi-Functional Unit

Trying to fit in an extra display unit in a small kitchen can be a bit of a puzzle. But here's a cool solution – consider going for a multi-purpose crockery unit in dining area setup of the home. This not only conserves space but also serves multiple functions. It can be used as a storage unit and a buffet rolled into one. You could incorporate this dining room crockery unit concept into both the dining and kitchen areas. It works like a charm to elevate the overall room aesthetics.

A sideboard that has crockery space below it is one of the most popular multi-functional crockery cabinet options these days. It is a very traditional design, usually in solid wood, and gives a beautiful, stately charm to dining rooms. However, if you have a modern space, you could look for a more streamlined design in a neutral colour that blends well with each other.

Curio Unit

The curio design takes the crown as the oldest and most beloved design when it comes to a crockery unit in living room spaces. This is all thanks to its distinctive shape. Pop one of these eye-catching pieces in your lavish dining or living room area, and they'll instantly evoke a sense of trendiness.

Tall Units In The Dining Room

These could be specially made full-length crockery units that blend into the décor and give you adequate space to store all your crockery without crowding it in. If you don’t want one large unit, you can create two separate slim units in the corners of your dining room, for a lighter look. Thanks to the rise of aesthetic dining interior design options, this crockery unit design for dining area spaces is making a comeback.

A Full Crockery Unit

If you have lots of crockery, a full crockery unit with glass shelves will actually make a stunning statement. You just have to make sure to keep the cupboard organized and coordinated at all times. A Scandinavian-style neutral-coloured unit will look better than a traditional wooden piece here, and it is extremely trendy.

Open and Close Half and Half

An especially useful design if you have expensive collectables such as Wedgewood and original blue pottery, this unit with a mix of open and closed storage can look really attractive.

Even non-collectable, daily crockery will look good in a partly closed storage unit. In fact, it is practical when you only want to display a few pieces that make a décor statement. The closed storage can be functional where you can stack plates, teapots and other bulky crockery pieces, safe and out of sight!

Modular Kitchen with Crockery Unit.

Due to the lack of space these days, we see that urban homeowners like to integrate their crockery units into their kitchen spaces. This is a great idea as it stores everything within reach. Also, kitchens are no longer drab and busy. These days, kitchens are as aesthetic as living spaces, and a crockery unit will only enhance the design.

Crockery Unit with Bar Counter

Incorporating a bar counter unit into your home is quite a neat idea. It's like adding a dash of style and a pinch of functionality all at once. This type of modern crockery cabinet comes in an array of styles and designs. You can easily pick one that aligns with your preferences and personal style. These units prove to be ideal for parties or get-togethers.

A crockery unit for living room aesthetics that complements statement pieces is a win-win. This is because it is a cabinet that also moonlights as a bar! You've also got the freedom to jazz up the design just the way you like it. You can incorporate some contemporary lighting fixtures for that perfect setting.

With the huge varieties to choose from nowadays and the right selection, your crockery unit can be an awesome style statement in your home!

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