Swingin’ With the Times

Admin on 20 July 2021

Be it compact or large, here are some balcony swing design ideas to inspire you to take up the challenge of creating a beautiful outdoor space while also taking a look at the tips and points to keep in mind before you pick one.

Some modern living spaces do not have enough space for a backyard and only a balcony space is available, especially for apartments. A well-designed balcony with your favourite balcony chair and watching the setting sun at the end of the day can ward away all your stress. Of course, there are a plethora of choices available to spruce up your balcony space. From picking out a compact pair of a mid-sized balcony table and chair to converting a small space of your balcony which can become the center space to evince all your merry moments. But in terms of picking out the right kind of furniture for your balcony, nothing beats the warmth and comfort of a comfy balcony swing. If you’re a person who loves some peace and alone time, we’re sure you would love to install a swing on your balcony. Swings are more than furniture or decor. They transcend the premise of requirement or affordability. They are just pure joy! So, if you aren’t doing enough with your balcony and want some quality outdoor time, you might want to invest in a balcony swing.

Be it compact or large, here are some balcony swing design ideas to inspire you to take up the challenge of creating a beautiful outdoor space while also taking a look at the tips and points to keep in mind before you pick one.


For starters, the materials you choose for your balcony furnishings are super important and can be the difference between a soggy mess and a long-lasting outdoor investment. Materials like resin wicker, wrought iron, teak, and plastic can handle most of the elements that nature throws at them.


Here is our pick of some of the top balcony swing designs that are making waves in 2021!

The Balcony Swing for Kids

What are the features that you’d want in a swing design for kids? The most important thing would be for the swing needs to be secure because the kids will swing it much faster and higher than adults. Hence, the iron chains and netted child-proof balcony makes sense here.

The Comfy Nest

The perfect reading spot?

If you are past the age of bending and bowing with the wind but still like the whole playful nostalgia of a swing, this is the swing design you need. A nestled swing is essentially suspended from a stand; it doesn’t swing as much but it does rock. It also happens to be the comfiest spot to curl up with a book and a cuppa.

Lazing Around

Swinging your way through the day

Are you one of those people who eats, sleeps, and studies/works on the swing? Then you need a comfortable one like this. It has enough room to sit or lounge comfortably. With the wooden back and the bolster cushions, this is a spot you wouldn’t want to move from. And the strong iron chain ensures that it can support your weight over a long time.

The Couple Goals Balcony Swing

For some we-time

Not getting enough “we-time” and intimacy with your partner? Here’s what you can do. Get yourself a swing like this one, just enough for two people to sit and have some quality time. Make sure it’s not too big or you will both be sitting in your own corners! It should be just right to make you sit tight. Moreover, the ‘his’ and ‘her’ cushions are a dead giveaway setting the context for romance right away.

The Budget Balcony Swing for Your Private Time

And the affordable option is…

Are you looking for an affordable option that will serve the purpose but not be a serious investment for you? You should consider the cane swing that is less expensive than wooden or metal swings. It is less durable but lasts long enough with light use. You can swing on it during your morning and evening cuppa to look out into your neighbourhood. That’s literally the only outdoor time we are getting these days.

Other Elements

Aside from furniture, there are a few other elements that will help make your balcony shine. Plants are great for spicing up the space. Flowers like geraniums and begonias, sturdy plants like bamboo, and fresh herbs all thrive on a balcony garden. The list of outdoor plants is long—just be mindful of the hardiness zone you live in and how much light your balcony gets before making any decisions.

Ensuring Privacy

Privacy can also come into play. If you live in an apartment or close-knit community, total privacy may seem tough to achieve. But there are a variety of methods to help you wave goodbye to nosy neighbors and claim more personal space. Tall plants, climbing vines, and shrubs are great instant fixes. Weatherproof textiles and fabric hangings are excellent for closing off your space a bit and adding some much-needed shade, too. You can even buy privacy screens made of everything from metal to bamboo. Or, depending on how large your space is, you could build your own screen lattice and deck it out with creeping plants.

Once you have all the right pieces, putting together the puzzle of a perfect balcony is much simpler than you might think.

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