The Essential Guide To Exterior Grill Designs for Homes

By Admin on 13 September 2023

In the article below, we have listed essential external grill design ideas for you that are simple and elegant and can be used in all types of homes.

Grill designs play an important role in both the interior and exterior of your home decor. They can add aesthetic value to your windows and doors and are also crucial when it comes to security. However, more often than not, window grill designs are overlooked when considering home design options.

Home decor and design should always consider grill design options that match the overall look and feel of your house. But with a variety of options available, it may not always be easy to pick the right option. While these designs are predominantly for residential spaces, you can also use them in shops, offices, and other commercial spaces.

Also find bonus tips on the best material for window grill designs, how to choose the right window grill designs for your home, what you should keep in mind while installing window grills, and different types of window treatments. Read on to know more:

Window Grills

How To Choose The Right Grill Design For Windows?

Take a look at the important points that you must consider while choosing the right grill design for windows:

Material: Iron is one of the best materials for grill design for windows as it is much sturdier than any other grill design materials. Not just that you can even mould the iron material in order to form various other shapes and sizes.

Color: Another factor is the color of the grill design for windows. Wrought iron grill design comes in several colors while aluminium grill design usually comes in metallic shades. You can choose the one that matches your taste.

Pattern of grill design: Grill designs for windows come in a wide variety of patterns, you can choose from a variety of grills, sliding, and casement.

Best Materials for Simple Grill Design For Window

Iron material: Iron is one of the best materials for grill design for windows as it is much sturdier than other grill design materials. You can even mould the material to form different shapes and sizes.

Cast Iron material: Cast iron is another largely durable material which is apt for grill design for windows and it also protects the window grill from bad weather conditions.

Stainless Steel material: Stainless steel is one of the popular choices when it comes to picking the grill design for windows because stainless steel grill design for windows looks more visually appealing than iron.

Aluminium material: Aluminium material is an appropriate choice for a window grill design as it is light in weight, it is easy to maintain, and it also comes in numerous designs.

Types of Window Grill Designs

Metal Pattern: Metal patterned grill design is the most common type used for windows, balconies and doors. It looks beautiful and ensures adequate safety.

Classic Design: This grill design is often the easiest option. Though it does not reflect aesthetics, it is ideal for contemporary decor.

Thai Design: Thai design window grills are standard in office spaces and commercial outlets. They have intricate detailing and come in various shades of black and gold.

Regular Black Grills: These are highly functional and secured grills featuring a bent-outward design. They create extra space where you can place planters and pots.

Gridlock Style: Though gridlock-type grills restrict outdoor views, they offer foolproof security. Such type is spotted in home spaces and industries both.

Framed Type: This modern grill design gives a stylish look to regular grills and can be fixed against a wooden or an iron frame.

Other Types of Window/External Grills

Elegant Window Grill

Create a style statement for your home with a simple and elegant window grill design made of vertical bars. Though fuss free, these designs have a way of making your windows look fashionable and serve the function of protection seamlessly. Have black bars, or colour them to match the exteriors of your home, these designs tend to look good anyway.

The Mediaeval Style

Mid-century and mediaeval trends are at the forefront in the 21st century and window grill designs are not left behind. Take inspiration from castle style window grill designs for your home - these designs are capable of elevating your exteriors and at the same time offer maximum protection from various factors.

Grills for Outdoor Plants

Who said plants are only for the balcony? With the right kind of window grill designs you should be able to place your plants near your windows too, creating an aesthetic that is a mix of concrete and natural elements.

Extend Your Window into a Balcony with a Handrail Design

You can simply extend your window into a balcony by adding a handrail attached grill. It is one of the most famous small-space grill window designs.

A Window Grill Design Where You can Fix the CCTV Camera

Precautions are necessary. So if you are thinking of adding a CCTV camera, fix it on your window. A special type of window grill is now available where you can fix a hidden camera to maintain your safety issues.

Balcony Steel Grills

Not everyone likes open veranda spaces. If you are among them, a full-sized steel bar grill covering the veranda is the best idea.

A Window Grill Design That Doesn't Block the Sunlight

Sunlight entering rooms is important. And if your grills are blocking that, you should definitely change the style to a more open-design grill. Maybe a rectangular window grill.

Lattice Window Grill

Grills are of many types. But the look lattice window grill creates is extravagant. Paint them in black or grey for an enhanced look.

Grill Design for the Ground Floor

If you live on the ground floor of an apartment, you should be careful about your belongings in close contact with the window. A bar grill can save you from such problems.

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