Things to look out for while opting for apartment room humidifiers

Admin on 19 April 2021

Room humidifiers are the instant solution to moistening dry air in your apartment in case of not installed a central humidifier. Among other facets of humidifiers, they help minimize and prevent a wide range of health issues related to breathing.Humidified air can prevent you from having cracked lips and dry sinuses.

On the other hand, when you choose the wrong humidifier, it has its own cons, resulting in many health issues. Therefore, to help you understand the types of humidifiers and select the appropriate one for your apartments, here is a guide for you!

Humidifiers Operating Types

 Room humidifiers are available in 4 operating styles; each works on different principles of increasing humidity in air:

  • Evaporative humidifiers

This type uses an electric motor-driven blower to flow the air through a belt to vaporize water and pass on the moisture out into your apartment room. The air produced is cool, yet vaporizing humidifiers need frequent cleaning since they foster bacterial growth within. The best lookout factor in this design is that they function quietly and don’t produce much noise.

  • Impeller humidifiers

Impellers use rotating motors that fling water onto a sprayer, which breaks water into tiny droplets helping a free-float into the apartment room. Impeller cool-mist humidifiers are a bit noisy when compared to other types.

  • Ultrasonic humidifiers

This type of humidifier uses an ultrasonic frequency to generate a cool mist. But they produce granular dust particles into the air to sit on surfaces and may cause allergy issues in people with respiratory health problems.

  • Steam vaporizers

Steam humidifiers use electricity to convert water into a vapor that is then absorbed into the apartment’s room. The moisture produced in the air via steam humidifiers is pristine.

Warm Mist vs. Cool Mist

Your foremost step in choosing a room humidifier is to land a humidifier design of your choice, i.e.) preference of warm mist or cool mist. Warm-mist humidifiers are most sought-after as they have the advantage of superheating the water to eliminate bacteria prior to the moisture penetrating the air. On the other hand, cool mist humidifiers are chosen broadly considering safety factor, especially when you have kids in your apartment.

Control Precision

The control feature is one of the prominent variables to consider while opting for an apartment room humidifier. While most portable humidifiers offer minimal moisture with 3 or 4 variable regulating speeds, some may have an advanced inbuilt hygrometer (digital) to specify the moisture level in your apartment living room. Portable Humidifiers with advanced digital control systems provide you with greater precision and convenience than those with analog mechanical controls.

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