Top 5 Home Trends 2022: Looks From Experts

Admin on 21 October 2021

The Interior home trends 2022 consists of looks that you will fall in love with and would want to inculcate into your home. These home design trends will get you comfortable, but in style and will remain in trend for the upcoming time. These trends for the coming year are about getting more lively, eco-friendly, and sustainable in the long run as in the past years.

The Top Home Design Trends 2022:

Below are the top 5 looks picked by our experts.

1. Functional Space

The first thing home design trends 2022 emphasize is functional construction. A functional element in the house must meet higher technical requirements and be less aesthetic. It is all about making the most out of space, with every nook and corner designed to serve a particular purpose. There are a lot of opportunities to convert any given space into a functional one. For instance: Shelves, ladders, and platforms give various other functional uses such as storage and dividers.

2. Nature Inspired Living

Bringing authentic greenery inside your home not only meets the trend but also brings a sense of joy and fulfillment. The green plants often complement the natural look of your home and bring an effortlessly classy look. Also, greens are pleasing to the eyes and help you relax. There are even indoor plants to purify the air and increase oxygen supply.

Most people have no idea about plant parenting and just tend to buy whatever looks pretty. Always evaluate your space, and analyze which areas of your home would look good with more greens before directly jumping into buying plants.

Choose plants that require low maintenance, watering, and sunlight as you will be placing them indoors. Some of the plants that will help you pull off the green trend are:

Pothos - This is a great pick as it grows up to 10 feet long. Ideal for indoors, low light, and dry air conditions.

Aloe vera - It is just easy to care for that comes along with its healing properties. All it requires is a bright sunny spot.

Snake Plant - A cool and low-maintenance plant that survives lower light levels and is perfect for beginners.

Spider Plant - Gives the instant jungle vibes. It is a strong air purifier and easy to propagate.

Jade Plant Mini - A common succulent houseplant with small pink and white flowers.

3. Comfortable Home Office

There is a high interest in creating home office space, as a major part of the population is working from home. Setting up home offices is very easy, as it can take up any shape and size. The main thing about designing a home office is that it should be functional, practical, and aesthetical all at the same time. The basic need of creating a home office is to make it productive and focused at work.

Things you must consider for a home office:

  • Choosing a quiet area of your home, probably a part of your guest room.
  • Creating an efficient, clutter-free workspace
  • Select colors that help you to be calm and focussed. Avoid bright colors as they make you restless
  • Keeping minimum decor to stay focused at work. Choose a wall art, a sand clock, and a plant

4. Minimalistic Look

The Minimal interior trend enhances the livability of space despite featuring fewer comforts. Highlighting the central focus of the room helps you to focus on the day-to-day needs and chores. It is decluttering which is the core habit of such a home.

Sticking to one or two main furniture materials helps you achieve a minimalistic and simple look. For instance: Consider two materials such as wood and steel with less ornamentation, but just create a visual difference with textures and contrasting surfaces.

5. Zen Space

Setting the tone for Zen-living is about showcasing sustainable living in interiors. Zen living elevates using environmentally-friendly design and also reflects a clear and undistracted mind. Zen interiors also inspire others to add eco alternatives to their homes as well. Some of the tones of zen-living are light wood, clean lines, and floating surfaces. Zen interiors fall under the less-is-more approach keeping natural and organic decor and plants that provide calming aesthetic.

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