Understanding Home Fragrances

By Admin on 12 July 2023

Learn the best ways to use scent in every room for a house that makes you feel as good as it smells.

Gone are the days when home fragrance just meant spraying artificial scents around the house to mask odours. Today, home fragrance is as much a part of home decor as any piece of furniture or art. The sense of smell should be used as a tool to create the tone you expect from a room. Luxury is never about one thing alone; it has to appeal to all your senses. A discerning nose can easily tell the difference between a created fragrance and a fragrance that is real. With electronic diffusers, you can smell a bit of the alcoholic fragrance. So where an agarbatti or incense works or where a candle works, electronics may not usually work.

'Which fragrance is right for my home?' If this question crosses your mind often, then our guidebook on different types of home fragrances and where to use them will be of help.

How to Incorporate Fragrance into Your Home?

Picking the right candle for your house is just like picking the right perfume for your body—think about how you feel in a particular space and the idea is to create that mood. For example, your bedroom should be able to make you feel cosy and relaxed, or your bathroom should make you feel refreshed.


Often, the mistake of buying a home scent of your choice is to consider only your personal taste. After all, every home also has its own personal scent and unique aroma, which depends on the people who live and visit them, on the laundry or the food they cook at home. Take into account whether the scent you want for the room fits in with what is already in the room.


The most important thing is to avoid extremely sharp, hard-hitting or eccentric scents, especially if there are people of very different olfactory preferences and age groups in your family.

Indeed, many studies have repeatedly shown that a slightly pleasant fragrance lifts the mood of any person by about 40 percent. So, any classic, friendly fragrance not too intense is the best solution. Quite often, these aromas become milder scents with notes of sandalwood, flowers, vanilla, and musk.


When creating a home interior, we create a cosy and welcoming environment, so the scent must be consistent with the overall design of the environment. The fragrances can be combined with both style and colour of the interior. Maybe your home is bright with lots of colours? Then a sweeter and brighter aroma will be very suitable for you. Or maybe your home is bright and summer-like? Then the perfect combination of floral and fresh or fruity scents will suit.


Before choosing a scent, have a clear purpose for why it is needed. Maybe you want it to neutralize some foul odour? Or do you want to emphasize interior colours and moods? And if you feel prolonged fatigue, do you want the scent to tone up and infect you with positive energy? Answering these questions will tell you which category of fragrance will help you achieve your goal.

Different scents have different effects on the environment and the people around them. For example, lavender, floral aromas soothe, citrus scents lift the mood and energize. If you have any foreign unpleasant odours in your home or other space, choose a simpler, less-scented scent such as vanilla or citrus to counteract those odours. Too many different blended flavors often have a slightly negative result.


Choose a home scent based on where you want to use it. For example, it is recommended to use mild, light and delicate scents in the bedroom, where Sandalwood will be perfect. Living rooms and kitchens tend to have more accentuated scents, so you can use stronger scents like Amber or Citrus notes. While bathrooms and toilets often want a fresh and clean smell, it will be perfect for floral and fresh or fruity scents.


Choose your favorite celebration, dish, place, or hobby, and think about the scents you associate with them. Not only will the scents of your favorite things evoke a nostalgic mood, but they will transform your home into a cosy, personalized environment.

Candles or Diffusers?

Not sure whether you want a candle or a diffuser? It depends on your usage. A diffuser is great if you want to set it and forget—you'll have a balanced scent that'll fill your room all day. Reed diffusers work just as well, but vaporizers are a great high-tech way to ensure that the whole room has a distinct fragrance. Candles can help set the mood for a more intimate affair, and the light they emit can be a great addition to the decor. If you're concerned about the environmental aspect of the smoke that candles have, a soy candle is a great pick.

The most popular one right now is soy wax as it is non-toxic and a more sustainable option for a healthy environment. It also burns slowly making the experience last longer. Incense is another option—it can have a lasting scent that you can control depending on how many sticks you burn. Looking to go natural? Aromatherapy essential oils make a great pick too, and you won't be accosted with a strong scent when you enter the room.

We hope these tips will help you find the perfect scent for your home, but remember that rules do not always have to be followed. Do not be afraid to be surprised by the unique aromas, because the smell is the inspiration. It's dynamic, seasonal, changing - just like your moods. So you won't ask if you decide to apply different scents to different spaces if you buy certain scents only in winter and others only in summer.

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