Who are we, and why invest in us?

Admin on December 27, 2019

Spain is known all around the world for its awe-inspiring architecture and its long list of inspiring architects. Of course, there is no doubt why Spain features second on the list of countries that have the most number of heritage architecture as declared by UNESCO.

But why exactly does Spanish architecture hold such a position of prestige? In Medieval Spain, the royalty was known to express itself by playing patrons to the most creative artists, storytellers, musicians and builders. They supported any and all artistic achievements that displayed the pinnacle of human creativity and innovation, and mostly, this was displayed in their larger-than-life abodes. One look at the awe-inspiring architecture and you knew that the person living there was no ordinary individual.

With this substantial cultural background serving as its inspiration, it leaves no doubt as to why Bonaventura stands anchored at the illustrious and prime R.A. Puram neighbourhood, which is a melting point of faith and cultural significance. Bonaventura brings together state-of-the-art modern utilities and the aforementioned old school charm of early Spanish architecture. But does Bonaventura stand apart just because of its interesting blend of European design sensibilities with our very own Vaasthu compliant rules of architecture? No, there’s more. It is believed that any true- blue Spaniard builds his house with these elements in mind – proximity to the sea, and the sea breeze, and wide, majestic spaces that are more subtle than opulent. Here, as a proud owner of a Bonaventura apartment, you will get to sample an easy-going life in all its myriad colours and old- world charms. With just 22 apartments in an imposing eight-ground property, you will never complain about the lack of exclusivity and privacy.

Most homes come well-ventilated to teasingly invite the salubrious sea breeze. The windows here are thoughtfully stationed to trap a perennial supply of daylight. Some homes even have access to the enchanting views of the coastline while some to a healthy sprinkling of greenery. Here, the seashore is just a short stroll away as well as a variety of shopping and leisure activities.

Designed to enrich your cosmopolitan outlook, Bonaventura is a work of art that would have definitely garner the love and patronage of any individual with an enhanced sense of creativity and aesthetics. Get in touch with us if you would love to own your space within this architectural icon.

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