Wood Panelling Methods to Redefine your Dream Apartment

Admin on 31 January 2021

Wood panelling is as elegant as snowcaps to cover the ceilings and walls to bring afresh feel into your apartment. Right from colours, textures, shapes and customised options, wood panels come in an array of varieties to satiate the aesthetic desires of people of all ages. Some wood panels even help control your apartment’s temperature due to the materials engraved in it naturally!

Whether you have a series of wood panelling textures at your dream apartment or wonder to improvise adding new colours, here we have given some fantastic ideas that could take panelling outlook at the topmost level!

  1. Play with Retro Style:

Wood panelling usually has a neutral tendency to give someone a little vintage and retro feel. But, you can embrace that even more. Consider looking at the elegant boho-inspired living rooms from 1970 movies. It is an apt inspiration to choose and pick from a wide range of wood panels to let your living room take centre stage. Try pairing some solid wood with a mustard yellow rug and antique leather couch.

  1. A Cosy Entry/Hallway:

Wood panelling is one of the fastest yet durable ways to add visual treat at your dream apartment that could never be forgotten. Prefer using sage green wood panels at your hallway/entryway to receive the guests’ best first impression. Besides, the hues of green can add a hint of warmth as soon as a person hits your door. Try experiencing a new kind of winter with these wood panels.

  1. Go with Neutral - white!

One quick way to provide your dream apartment with standard wood panelling makeover is to colour it white. When you paint white colour, the apartment room will not only be unique but also brings a tranquil feel each time you enter the room. Due to its cosy nature, you can adapt this technique even in the bedroom to help sound sleep. Another benefit is that this wood panel option can bring more texture and depth to your apartment rooms from the ceilings to the wall.

  1. Illusional Strips

When sprawling wood panelling, always consider experimenting with either regular or illusional wood strips. For instance, especially in the kids’ room, you can try out many options and choose the one that satiates kids’ needs. These wooden strips can be of either dark or light colour depending upon the lightings of your apartment. Strips with shades such as blue, green, purple, and brown are best fit for seaside apartments. Even though the application of wooden strips is a tedious process, installing some unique patterns is the easiest way to create a focal point instantly in your room.

  1. Pair with Furniture

Apartments with existing wood panels can be paired with contemporary wood furniture. This is an ideal way to enhance and refine your apartment more appealing as well as modern. The rooms’ wood walls make you feel warmer and cosier when paired with various metal accents. Be it in the living room or working space within your apartment, the combination of wood panels and furniture is a fruitful experience that is worth spending your days and nights.

  1. Half panelled Bedroom

Are you trying to add a new flavour to your bedroom? Then opt for wood panelling the wall halfway. Imagine a bedroom wall that conveys you a couple of stories at a single instance. Isn’t interesting? Navy blue paint is one of the suitable colours to pair with a piece of wood owing to its non-stuffy nature.

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