The Art of Flooring

By Admin, 28 March 2022

When choosing the kind of flooring for your home, it is important to consider the patterns and colors at work in the room. If you already have colorful walls, bold furniture, and patterned throw pillows, you should choose flooring that is more subtle and muted. On the other hand, if your walls are bland and furniture is basic, jazz it up with a herringbone pattern for your hardwood flooring, or add interest by creating a patterned tile design.

A View Into Windows

By Admin, 15 March 2022

Selecting a window for your home has never been easier! From the different styles and variations to where they can be best used, our list can help you pick what works for you.

How to control heat and air quality inside your home using plants?

By Admin, 22 February 2022

With the rising global temperature and ever-increasing air pollution, the earth’s environment has continued to be a major concern for the entire human civilization worldwide.

Why High rise buildings are more preferred?

By Admin, 10 February 2022

Modern living can be a hard one to crack but one aspect that indeed makes for its sub-culture is that of the high-rise buildings and the skyscrapers which have over the period come to dominate the universe of housing and living.

All about Infinity Pools

By Admin, 31 January 2022

The 21st century indeed is marked by the ever-evolving standards of luxury and a brand new category making its entry within this untapped universe is the ‘Infinity Pools’. Marked by their impeccable design and the perfectly spectacular views, infinity pools are just about everything that dreams are made of.

Journey towards the Crown
Curated by
Hana Abdel
CnT Architects
Photo courtesy
Andre Fanthome

Located in Chennai metropolitan at close proximity to the city's transit hub, the site is approached from a highly buzzing Poonamalli high road. Three key components- a marketing office, an Experience center, and a Construction site office are the core of the facility.

Hydroponics in Flats

By Admin, 10 January 2022

One major challenge that comes alongside the modern apartment lifestyle is the lack of space and the absence of opportunity to set up personalized garden spaces.

How to Cozy Up Your Home for Winter

By Admin, 27 December 2021

As we come closer to the holiday season and as the peak of winter begins to intensify, the prominent characteristics that this season comes with are the bouts of procrastination, laziness,and a never-ending longing for bedtime.

Choosing the Right Spot for Christmas Tree in Your Home

By Admin, 14 December 2021

Setting up the Christmas tree is the most fun thing to do! Also, the best way to kickstart the holiday season! It brings families together and the spirit of Christmas to your home. Wondering where to place your Christmas tree at your home, while hopping on a Christmas decor shopping? You probably have got more choices and a perfect place for the Christmas tree in your home. Let’s check out the top places you should consider for placing them.